- We will consider all possible solutions the job can be done

 - We will then give you alternatives raging from the most finance demanding to the least, while acquiring relatively the same high service quality

 - For example, there is no reason to spend huge amounts on some original parts, when these can be bought relatively cheap from secondary manufacturers

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Mechanic rate = 590 CZK/h (25 Eur/hour) VAT incl.

Pick up and delivery within Prague region = 890CZK/one way

On spot repairs (24h service) = 1500CZK/h

All final invoices are in english with clear justification

TUKEC services price list

  Price* Note
Car collection Prague 890 CZK Collection and deliver within Prague region
Car towing 2500CZK + 35 czk/km  
On spot service /hour 2500 CZK  
Fixed service prices    
Oil and oil filter replacement 5w30 3.5L 1850 CZK excl. material, incl. Eco oil waste
Tire R16 change w. balancing 975 CZK whole set, 14"
Tire recycling fee 65 CZK per piece
ECU diagnostics - VW concern 650 CZK Skoda, VW, Audi, Seat
Deep interior cleaning 2680 CZK  
Exterior hand wash and wax 1600 CZK  
Individual car wash int./ext. 2 500 CZK Special care
MOT inspection - Gasoline engines 3 950 CZK STK+Emission
MOT inspection - Diesel engines 4 250 CZK STK+Emission
Fixed oil prices    
Engine oil 10W40 - half synthetic 170 CZK per liter
Engine oil 5W30 - full synthetic LL03 (diesel) 345 CZK per liter
Engine oil 0W30 - full synthetic Castrol LL03 460 CZK per liter (Castrol edge racing)
For parts approx. prices go to: www.autokelly.cz  

Vehicle owner registration

Complete super fast service (1day) 4 270 CZK Includes fees and following acts:
    Pick up of the car in Prague
    All necessary documents
    Cancellation of old insurance
    Contracting new insurance
    Evidence control at STK (450czk)
    Registration act at the reg. office (4800czk)
    Drop off at agreed location
* all prices include VAT
Prices are informative and may vary in particular cases.